Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Singapore: Destination Airport

Yesterday I had an eight hour layover in the green city of Singapore. The city/country has been trying to attract more visitors and loosen it's rules, a bit. When you leave the airport terminal and go to the tourist booth you will receive a free bus pass for the day, a free shower at the spa inside the airport and other discounts. There are numerous free high-speed internet kiosks inside coffee shops and at terminal intersections.

Not to mention the Oasis at gate E8, which supplies numerous large plasma screen TVs to view every popular cable channel. There are chairs that lie flat for sleeping and massage chairs that lean back as well. Did I mention this is all free? When wandering around the "E" gates there are also numerous foot massaging machines, newspapers and beautiful plants. On site at the airport is a golf course, botanical gardens, a hotel you can rent in six hour increments and a rooftop pool (see above) complete with tiki bar (it's 90 degrees year round).

Changi Airport Awards and Accolades

If you have time to leave the airport (5 hour layover or more) then I suggest visiting Raffles to do the obligatory tourist thing. Enjoy a Singapore Sling at the bar that invented it inside. If you speak to the greeter outside he may be nice enough to show you the pictures he has with hotel guests Bill Clinton, Michael Jackson and Diana Ross.

Photography by me.

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