Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Sinclair Jungle

Sinclair Island is a small piece of land off the coast of Washington just West of Bellingham and Anacortes. It's home to a number of private residences powered only by solar panels and generators. There aren't any restaurants, bars, camp sites, hotels or grocery stores. The owners of the homes take pride in the simple pleasures it offers and many are upset when new homeowners build large, obnoxious homes, tear down trees and use four wheelers.

A friend of mine has had property in the family since the 1960s and took me out for the weekend. The islanders welcome guests and invited us to a presidential debate heavily in favor of Obama (not too surprising), showered us with food and wine and even had us over for coffee the next morning. It's hard to deny the charm of the place, so if you're lucky enough to get an invite, I suggest saying "yes."

Photography by me.

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