Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Base. Camp. Muir.

Mt. Rainier (highest peak in Washington @ 14,411 ft)

I've been lacking in updates lately, mainly because I've been so busy hiking and working that there hasn't been any time leftover. But, after a gorgeous weekend at Mt. Rainier I think it deserves the spotlight.

Mt. Adams (2nd highest peak in Washington @ 12,277 ft)

Some friends and I are planning to summit Mt. Rainier on September 1st. Our last big hike was to the Base Camp, Camp Muir. We stayed overnight in order to get a good feel for the altitude, temperature, etc.

It was a gorgeous weekend without a single cloud in the sky. At night (unfortunately after my camera battery died) the sky was a gorgeous navy blue with a perfect crescent moon that was so large it looked like you could grab it right out of the sky.

The photos explain the rest!

Talk to you after the summit!

Photography by me

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