Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Sweet Casa Alabama

Noccalula Falls, Gadsden, AL

The Brothers apparently have strong roots in rural Alabama. I have never lived there, but my grandfather was born there and moved back there from San Diego almost 50 years ago. Growing up I remember riding in the back of my dad's truck all the way from Dallas to Alabama. Yes, that was legal back then! Then we would hang out, dig up worms, go fishing and wander amongst the cows on the neighbors property. Unfortunately I didn't know about cow tipping back then.

I recently paid a visit, as I had not been there in about 10 years (yes, a bad granddaughter indeed). My grandpa and aunts, who recently moved there, showed me around all of the small towns surrounding Attalla.

Mexican grocery, restaurant and general store, Collinsville, AL

If you know me at all, you're aware that I'm part Mexican. This is mainly due to my grandfather's strong interest in other nationalities, and ultimately, his marriage to my Mexican grandmother after a trip to Baja. So, of course, my grandpa and aunts discovered this great Mexican restaurant in Collinsville. It's totally random that there would be a place so good in the middle of the South, especially in such a small town. They had amazing tacos and salsa. The green salsa with radishes was definitely my favorite.

Driving around we couldn't help but stop at all the cute antique shops in the most random places. After antiquing in Seattle (where it's difficult to find a real bargain) it was pretty cool to see some of the amazing stuff that was being sold for next to nothing. U.S. 11 Antiques was my favorite of them all. I bought an old Finley pocket knife from Japan ($3) and a really cool multi-strand bronze necklace ($5).

In August, there is the world's longest yard sale, Tour de Kalb. I don't know if I like shopping around that much, but the possibilities are sure to be endless.

And what is a visit to the South without great barbecue? I was really impressed with O'So Good BBQ and I'm super picky on this subject. We went on Sunday at 3pm and they were literally running out of food because they had been busy all day. The ribs were very tender, the sauce was wonderful and all of the side dishes were great too. I was really bummed that they were out of the fried green tomatoes and peach cobbler. But, I find that you know it's fresh and carefully crafted when they run out of ingredients. The staff was ridiculously friendly, and it was one of the cleanest restaurants I've ever eaten in.

So, enough talking, here are some more pictures:

Photography by me.

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